GCalToolkit - Power Tools for Google Calendars

  • Remove duplicate events
  • Works on all versions of WINDOWS (.NET 3.5 required)
  • Delete all events between specified dates
  • Select/delete events based on dates filters
  • Select/delete events based on text filters
  • Search/Replace any text in the Title, Summary or Location fields
  • Filter and Edit events easily
  • Preview changes before you Sync to Google Calendars
  • Undo any Changes you make
  • Save/Continue an editing session (see "Google Quota" below)
  • UPDATED 23 July 2010: bugfixes, delete rogue 12/31/1979 events
  • UPDATED 23 OCTOBER 2010: Added NOT filter and wildcard (*) for Search/Replace
  • FREE TRIAL for events 3 months into the past and future
  • FULL VERSION $29.99 - lifetime* licence + personal online support
  • FULL VERSION $24.99 - 1 year licence + personal online support

  • All FULL VERSION licences are for one user & unlimited Google Calendars
  • 100% secure payment on PayPal's servers - most Credit Cards accepted, no Paypal account needed
  • Easy "Unlock" from trial to full version - choose a licence, create an account & "Purchase"

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