CF/SD Performance Database

CF/SD Performance Database
Monday, December 29, 2008 | by Rob Galbraith
The CF/SD Performance Database is a regularly-updated compilation of write and read speed test results designed to aid the serious and professional photographer in selecting camera storage media for a Canon or Nikon digital SLR.

Write speed test results for each of the digital SLR models actively being tested, as well as card-to-computer transfer rates, can be accessed from the popup menu above. Results for cameras we're no longer testing are in the testing archive .

Defining performance

A memory card is a critical component in the professional photographer's digital system. After all, it's the thing that holds the pictures. We hope that the CF/SD Performance Database will, first and foremost, enable you to determine which cards offer the speed your workflow requires. But we encourage you to look at card performance holistically. While speed is important, so is the warranty, tech support and reputation of the company whose name is on the label.

Though you may have come to this database to see how CompactFlash and SD/SDHC cards perform in your camera, we think it's equally important these days to consider card-to-computer transfer rates. That's because in our own workflow, the time it takes for photos to transfer to the computer is often a bigger bottleneck that in-camera write speed. As both cards and card readers get faster, we expect that card-to-computer transfer speed will become even more significant a factor in the card selection process.

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