How to Solve iFunBox, iPhoneBrowser, DiskAid, and WinterBoard Issues After Using BlackRa1n

Written on October 21, 2009 by Sebastien 41 Comments
After jailbreaking using BlackRa1n, you may be facing an issue where you can't access the root folder of your iPhone using tools such as iFunBox, DiskAid, and iPhoneBrowser. Some users also report issues when using WinterBoard. I said it and I'll say it again, BlackRa1n is crappy. If you have the option, I recommend using PwnageTool instead. It is a much more reliable and stable jailbreak than BlackRa1n.
The problem comes from the fact that BlackRa1n doesn't add the afc2 support to your iPhone that is necessary for iPhoneBrowser, iFunBox, and DiskAid to access the file system and allow the transfer of files such as Winterboard  themes, NES ROMs, etc…  to the iPhone. In other words, you can't access the root partition of your drive.
To fix this annoying issue, simply install the afc2add patch from Cydia then reboot your iPhone. Done!
Have you had many issues with BlackRa1n? Let us know what you think about this jailbreak by leaving a comment below.

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