Mega Wipe-Super Wipe-Factory Reset-Simple Wipe[All-in-One]

There are 4 Scripts:
1) MegaWipe
2) SuperWipe
3) SimpleWipe
4) Factory Reset

All 4 serve different purposes.
  1. Megawipe: Use this zip to completely format your phone. It will delete everything in your phone and will bring it to bare bones. After it install any ROM for a fresh experience without any conflicts with in the frame work.It deletes the Data, Cache, System and Preload partitions of your internal memory. So Beware!
  2. SuperWipe: This is a simple factory reset and you can use it to move from one ROM to another without bothering about framework conflicts.It deletes the Data Folders and Cache partitions of your internal memory.Will not affect the Internal SD card.
  3. Factory Reset: Use it to do a Factory Reset, which wipes your Data partition, Cache Partition and Dalvik Cache. It will delete everything on your Internal SDcard.
  4. SimpleWipe: A simple wipe is as the name suggests a Simple Cache and Dalvik wipe. You can use it to clear the said partitions before updating to a newer version of your ROM. Also, You can use it before you have flash a new ROM.

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