Register for Polish Passport

The Consular Section receives only these applicants, who have registered their application prior to their visit on the website
Registrations are received on a monthly basis. Registration for the next month (due to the decision of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs) will be open on the 27 of the current month. For example: registration for January will be possible starting from December 27th, for February starting from January 27th, for March starting from February 27th.
Problems with registration mean that all visits for the following month are already booked and it is not possible to register. Please do not call or e-mail the Consular Section regarding this matter.
1. Registered applicants for passports are received on Mondays 9:00-12:00, Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00-15:00, Wednesdays 9:00-13:00 and Fridays 9:00-11:00. The number of registered applicants for each day is limited.
2. Full responsibility for incorrect registration or not cancellation of the registration in the system in case of absence at the passport meeting in the Consular Section takes registered person or parent of registered minor.
3. Cancellation of the visit can be made online in the system by the applicant or by sending fax to the Consular Section (03-527 4726) or an e-mail to: Cancellation can be made no later than 2 days (48 hours) before the visit.
4. Registrations made in Hebrew or registration of the same person for two visits within a month will be cancelled without informing the person registered.
5. People wishing to apply for Polish passport who do not have ascertainment of the Polish citizenship or Polish birth and marriage certificates are kindly invited to apply for above mentioned documents in the Consular Section on Mondays 12:30-17:00. Please do not register online if you wish to apply for documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, ascertainment of Polish citizenship.
1. Registration should me made in Polish only. 
2. Register only those, who apply for the passport and have all required documents. Do not register accompanied people like mother/father or grandparents, if they do not apply for the passport. For example if you want to apply for your minor child – register only your child, parents are only accompanying.
3. Making registration for 1 (one) person choose only 1 (one) – not 2 (two) or 3 (three) – numbers of applicants.
4. Please leave your PESEL number (if you have one) and telephone number for emergency contact. We can help you to change your mistakes in registration.
5. If you resign from the visit at the Embassy you cannot transfer your visit to another person.
6.If you resign from the visit at the Embassy you have to cancel your visit in the system to let another person make registration.
ATTENTION! People who did not cancel the visit can be finally accepted for the new visit only after telephone conversation with the Head of Consular Department.
Only registered applicants will be received on a given day.
Registered applicants are obligated to be punctual (we kindly suggest to arrive 10-15 minutes before the appointment) and to bring a printed registration confirmation together with full documentation for passport application.
Applicants arriving more than 5 minutes late will be refused entry. The amount of applicants per day is limited.
ATTENTION! Alternative forms of registration e.g. by e-mail, mail or telephone ARE NOT ACCEPTED.
ATTENTION! Please make sure before the registration that you have all documents required for passport.  You can find information about required documents on: REQUIRED DOCUMENTS.
How to register your appointment?
We would like to inform you that the system operates in Polish only.
  1. Go to the following website:,
  2. Choose a country: Israel,
  3. Choose a diplomatic mission: Tel Aviv,
  4. On the left side, choose: Visit – passport,
  5. In the first slot - choose the number of applicants,
  6. “I want to book an appointment for ("Chcę zarezerwować termin dla") - choose a number of people,
  7. Set a date for the appointment (Zarezerwuj termin wizyty),
  8. Write your contact details: name, surname, address, phone number, e-mail, description (not obligatory),
  9. Choose a type of passport,
  10. Write personal details of applicant/s. (PESEL obligatory of you have one, if you do not have the PESEL number please write "BRAK NUMERU PESEL"),
  11. Continue (Dalej),
  12. Submit (Zapisz),
  13. Download confirmation (Pobierz potwierdzenie wizyty)
How to cancel your appointment?
We would like to inform you that the system operates in Polish only.
  1. Go to the following website:,
  2. Choose a country: Israel,
  3. Choose a diplomatic mission: Tel Aviv,
  4. On the left side, choose: „Wizyty w Konsulacie – Anuluj umówioną wizytę”,
  5. Fill up cancelation form with the number from your registration form and the code received during making registration,
  6. Choose: "Odwołaj wizytę",
  7. Submit (Zapisz),
  8. Download confirmation (Pobierz potwierdzenie wizyty).

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